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Protecting The Rights Of Both Business And Employees

It is in the best interest of both businesses and employees to fully understand the federal and state laws and regulations regarding wages, overtime, restrictions, right to work and whistleblower laws.

Texas employment law attorney Luisa Calderon stays current with employment issues affecting employees and businesses. As the founder of The Calderon Firm in Houston, Ms. Calderon assists both businesses and individuals with Texas employment law matters.

A Broad Base Of Employment Law Assistance

Ms. Calderon handles a wide variety of Texas employment law issues. She can assist individuals and small businesses with both the defense and prosecution of:

Understanding Texas employment laws and federal laws is mutually beneficial for both employers and employees. Consulting with an attorney can ensure that the correct steps or corrective actions are taken.

Help For Employees Who Feel Their Rights Have Been Violated

Employees who believe their rights have been violated are advised to document the workplace issue with detailed information such as where and when the violation happened, who witnessed it, what was said or done, and any evidence of this.

Employees are also encouraged to first seek out the company HR representative when an issue arises. In some cases, this may provide the desired remedy. In cases where an employee feels that the issue has not been successfully resolved, Ms. Calderon offers one-on-one counsel. She will pursue the matter to reach a solution that is legally mandated or acceptable to the employee client.

Help For Employers To Protect The Workplace

Of course the best way to avoid issues at the workplace is to have clear and legally viable employee handbooks and policies. Ms. Calderon works with business owners and HR representatives to draft and implement workforce policies and procedures, employee handbooks and employee contracts.

Ms. Calderon is fully familiar with drafting and implementing workforce policies and procedures and in crafting enforceable employee handbooks. She is current in her knowledge of Texas wage and hour, overtime, written earning statements, comp time, holiday, sick leave, severance pay and right to work laws.

Get Dedicated Employment Law Guidance

In a time of uncertainty, it can be beneficial to work one-on-one with an experienced legal professional. Luisa Calderon will personally meet with you and answer all of your questions. She will advise you of your rights and options and provide reasonable alternatives to litigation when appropriate. Call 832-626-1306 or connect with The Calderon Firm via website contact email. In Houston, the firm serves businesses and individuals throughout the greater Houston area.