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Why Work With A Trial Attorney On A Personal Injury Case?

Not many people understand why having an experienced trial attorney makes a difference when it comes to working with an insurance company. But the truth is, in most, if not all cases, insurance companies want to avoid going to trial. Why? Because a trial takes time, it involves a team of attorneys working many, many hours, and there is no guaranteed outcome. In fact, in some cases, the judge or jury has awarded more financial compensation than was initially sought.

The Calderon Firm founder Luisa Calderon is a trial attorney with over a decade of experience. Personal injury plaintiffs (the person who is suing) benefit from the insight and experience only a trial attorney can provide. The success of your case may depend on the strength of your attorney’s negotiation and litigation skills.

An Attorney Who Understands What Is At Stake

As an experienced civil litigation defense attorney Ms. Calderon knows how the other party will likely behave during a lawsuit. She assists clients with a broad base of Texas person injury matters including:

  • Premises liability: If you were injured in a store, restaurant, hotel or other building.
  • Car, truck and motorcycle accidents: If you were seriously hurt because someone was driving drunk, reckless or distracted, or if you were a pedestrian or bicyclist who was injured, Ms. Calderon can help.
  • Wrongful death: If you lost a child, spouse or parent in an accident that could have been prevented.
  • Catastrophic injuries: Whether suffered while working or because of a product malfunction, injuries such as loss of limb, vision or hearing, burns, brain damage and paralysis require the legal acumen of an experienced trial attorney.

After a serious injury, there are more than just medical bills to contend with. You may be in daily pain and unable to enjoy social events or physical recreation. You may have lost a vehicle. You may have been out of work for days, weeks or months. You may also have ongoing therapy. An experienced trial attorney will understand both the costs and what your case is truly worth. Ms. Calderon will pursue the maximum compensation you need to maintain your health and quality of life.

An Attorney Who Will Fight For What You Need And Deserve

Luisa Calderon established her own law firm so that she could provide the personal attention and representation accident victims require in their times of need. As a bilingual attorney, she offers services in both English and Spanish. She will fight for you. Call 832-626-1306 or connect with the firm via the website email form. Ms. Calderon serves personal injury clients throughout the greater Houston area and offers a free case assessment to accident and injury victims.