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Whom Do You Call After You Are Hit And Hurt In A Car Crash?

Every day we share the road with people who are not careful drivers. Some drivers speed, others are busy texting and still others will have too many drinks before they get behind the wheel.

So, what do you do if someone causes an accident and you are hurt? You want to be sure to understand your rights. Texas is a “fault” car insurance state. This means that depending on the situation, you may have a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. Call trial attorney Luisa Calderon at The Calderon Firm to get a free car accident case assessment.

What Amount Of Insurance Is Required In Texas?

Every driver is required to have insurance in Texas. This means that whoever is driving can be held liable for the injuries and property damage they cause. This is covered by their liability insurance. Texas has minimum requirements for this. The minimum insurance for each injured person is $30,000 and $60,000 per accident. The minimum coverage for property damage is $25,000. If you, a driver, have purchased uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, then you may be able to also file a claim with your own insurance company after an accident.

Tips On What To Do After An Accident

No matter if you were another driver, passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcyclist, if you were hit by someone in a car, seek medical care. Why? Because you need to be evaluated for injury.

During an accident, our bodies produce endorphins and adrenaline. These can mask pain. You may have whiplash, a concussion, internal injuries, back injuries or even a broken bone. Additionally shock can also make it impossible to self-evaluate.

Get repairs to your vehicle. You may need an inspection by your insurance company and have to go to an approved repair shop; review your policy. Your insurer has to accept or reject your claim within 15 days and pay within five business days. They must explain why they reject your claim. You may want to consult with a personal accident attorney to understand your rights and options and when to challenge a rejection.

What Is The Difference Between A Settlement And A Verdict?

A settlement is an agreement between the injured person and the insurance company outside of court.

A verdict happens when the injured party and the insurance company go to court and a judge or a jury decides the case.

Every accident is different with different causes, witnesses, police report accounts and evidence. These can affect whether a settlement is offered and the amount. Settlement talks are crucial, even if a lawsuit is being pursued. Because of the time and cost of a court case, the majority of injury cases will settle out of court.

Accidents that involve catastrophic injuries have special compensation considerations, as do fatal accidents that may involve a wrongful death claim.

Speak With An Attorney Before Settling

It is advised that you speak with a personal injury attorney before you sign any settlement agreement. Luisa Calderon will help you understand your rights, options, what claims such as yours are typically worth and that your settlement covers all of your damages, including future medical treatment. Attorney Luisa Calderon speaks fluent Spanish and assists Spanish-speaking clients. Consultations for injury victims are always free of charge. Call 832-626-1306 or connect via website email.